Nokta Makro Simplex+ Review

Nokta Makro Simplex Review

Nokta Makro Simplex+ is a darling child of two companies united in one. Nokta and Makro are two Turkish manufacturers that decided that two heads are better than one, and probably they were absolutely right. Nokta Makro as one manufacturer already makes a considerable competition to all those old giants of the market, by offering the newest technologies for lower than average prices (because in Turkey, making metal detectors is simply cheaper than in Europe or US). Many big players in the niche become nervous about this new competitor, and for a good reason – just look at the Nokta Makro Simplex+ that seems to steal the show from them!

Pros and Cons

Nokta Makro Simplex+ has been recently released, and to give you a better idea about this tool overall – this is a comparatively affordable machine with DD coil, wireless headphones, functional on land and underwater, and easy to operate.

The obvious advantages of Simplex+ include:

  • affordable price – even though it cannot be called cheap, it offers advanced options for rather budget-friendly price
  • one but universally applicable frequency – one frequency that you can actually use is better than a dozen with a bunch of complicated settings
  • IP68 Waterproof rank – detector is functional underwater on depth of up to 10 feet, for around half an hour without pausing
  • vibration mode is available for silent search – not attracting attention is always beneficial
  • seamless performance in salty water – you can use it underwater both in fresh and salty water bodies without fake signals
  • updatable software – you can improve your software at home

These advantages are not a full list of perks one can enjoy with Simplex+. The only clear disadvantage that can be underlined is only one frequency, but again, this is a dubious question. One universal frequency should be enough in a beginner-level metal detector.

Nokta Makro Simplex+ Features

Simplex+ operating frequency is 12 kHz, which is a curious feature, because this frequency is kinda on the brink between low and high, enabling the user to work efficiently on the majority of locations, and search for different targets – including underwater, and salty water, as the thing is decently waterproof.

Wireless headphones and vibration mode for signal make search with this device very quiet, decreasing the risk of unnecessary attention, which is precious in public places. Moreover, the device is compact and lightweight. In addition to 11 inches DD coil in the kit, it is compatible with other coils.

Other important tech specs include automatic ground tracking and target ID. In other words, Simplex+ is created to make your detecting easy and effective – especially considering its search modes and discrimination characteristics.

Search Modes and Discrimination

Despite the fact that Simplex+ is created as beginner-level machine, the combination of search modes and other features makes it incredibly effective. The machine has four search modes – All Metal / Park / Field / Beach – plus pinpoint mode. This set makes it rather versatile even with one operating frequency. Yet, the frequency shift is available to avoid fake signals.

Discrimination makes performance even better, because the detectorists takes advantage of salty water discrimination and notch discrimination. Ferrous metals signal volume can be adjusted, as well as general sensitivity of the machine. Such combination of factors makes Simplex+ easy to use yet very helpful.


Simplex+ by Nokta Makro is one of the most intriguing metal detectors on the market today, stirring curiosity of treasure hunting community already at the stage of development, and after it was released, it makes an impression of taking the market by storm due to its unusual combination of price, features, and quality. Some old-school detectorists take a more careful approach to new players in the niche, being loyal to their favourite old brands. However, Simplex+ already draws incredible attention and starts gathering enthusiastic reviews from real users testing it. Perhaps this model will become kinda classic among beginner-level machines.