Garrett AT Max Review

Garrett AT Max Review

Garrett AT Max is a machine by Garrett, which is one of the companies that hold leadership in the metal detecting niche, and machines by this manufacturer usually keep their popularity for years. So, little surprise their AT-Max model released in 2017 immediately became famous, and for today, it keeps its position as one of the most suitable tools for treasure hunting in particular. Garrett AT Max is a professional level detector that combines the most necessary and efficient features with outstanding usability. In this review, let’s assess all perks of AT Max in more detail.

Pros and Cons

Garrett machines enjoy such overwhelming popularity in the niche for years, because this manufacturer is incredibly good at combining efficiency with user-friendly design. AT-Max is not different in this aspect. Its most outstanding advantages are:

  • custom and zero search modes, among others – considering only one operating frequency, having such a variety of search modes is very handy
  • IP68 Waterproof Rank – cool feature allowing the treasure hunter to search underwater for around half an hour; actually, one can even dive with this machine to the depth of up to 10 feet
  • one of the most one-size-fits-all frequencies that makes the detector close to multi-purpose
  • compatibility with wireless headphones – this is totally logical since wireless headphones is the only possible option for underwater detectors; you can’t dive normally with wires

There are some disadvantages, as well, though, including:

  • only one frequency – while this is not a drawback itself, some people prefer choice in frequencies
  • the machine is somewhat heavy, being 3.03 lbs – nothing extremely huge, but may be tiring for long hours of treasure hunting, or underwater

The drawbacks are few, and the advantages are numerous, making AT-Max really worthy of attention. Yet, to get a full picture, features should be assessed.

Garrett At Max Features

Single frequency is considered a con in our time of so-many-frequencies-offered metal detectors, yet, 13.6 kHz is one of the most efficient options for both big and small objects, plus, it enables the user to work with all kinds of metals almost equally effectively. Automatic/manual ground balance improves the search, and depth detection saves time and effort for digging.

One of the bestest features about AT Max is that, while being a professional-level machine, it does not really demand complicated tuning, or much manual setting. While a total noob will obviously face a certain learning curve, this machine can be operated using the simplest preset modes, and it will show outstanding functionality. This is also possible due to wise choice of search modes, and high quality discrimination provided by Garrett.

Search Modes and Discrimination

There are four search modes in AT-Max plus pinpoint mode. Inbuilt pinpoint is always cool, because it enables the user to detect things more precisely without buying additional stuff. As for preset search modes, one of the four is custom mode, meaning the treasure hunter can tune individually chosen settings for specific situation and save them. Other three search modes are preset, comprising of All Metal, Coins, and Zero.

All Metal and Coins are classic, while Zero is somewhat you won’t find often. This mode allows to set ferrous metals threshold sensitivity in degrees from 0 to 30, and ferrous metals are assigned a separate signal that enables the user to tell valuable find from trash more efficiently.

Together with high quality discrimination, this metal detector becomes very effective both on land and underwater.


If to think of it, Garrett AT Max is rather minimalistic, with its single frequency, three preset modes, and small DD coil. Yet, the manufacturer did a good job combining these minimalistic features with utmost efficiency. As a result, this machine is effective yet easy to use, even despite its professional-level status.